Aglopur ® in the automotive industry, is used as reinforcements and inserts that help improve the performance and other flexible foams. The relatively high density and excellent resilience of the product makes it suitable for use in items such as arm rests, headrests, seats foamizados, carpeting, and panel and anti insonorizarte among many other applications. 

Automotive Aglopur ® is supplied in bulk or uncut sheets laminated 2000mm * 1000mm with thicknesses between 2mm and 100mm at the densities ranging from 60kgm3 until 500kgm3. 

For the development of other components such as (Trimeles) for the automotive sector, we also supply shredded polyurethane foam with a density of codend 30kgm3 and an average size of 18mm crushed or as required by the customer. 

The raw material is sold in pressed bales of 350-400 kg shrink due to film thickness. 

All densities have been tested against a load, elongation at break, compressive strength, density, residual strain, elasticity and combustibility in order to meet all specifications required by manufacturers of automotive components.