AGLOPUR ® is the result of a complex of homogeneous particles of flexible polyurethane and polyester based polyether adequately controlled. 

Its skeleton flexible open cell and make it a perfect addition to absorbing acoustic obtain noise reduction coefficients (NRC) next to and even above 0.8 (80%), significant corrections since its thermal conductivity coefficient of * half * 
0.039 Kcal / m.h º C.

 * Property of materials that values the ability to transmit heat through them. Metal is high and generally continuous bodies, and the polymer is low, very low in some materials such as those containing AGLOPUR ®, we are called thermal insulators.

We achieved a highly insulating ECOLOGICAL comprising more than 90% by Recica material; Breathable and stretchy allowing their use without breaks, and ways to adapt to various applications. 

  • Average elasticity of 47.3% according to tests made in the UNE EN ISO 8307
  •   Elongation at break values of 74.42% "to higher value, the better the product," according to the measurements obtained from the standard ISO 1798 DIN 53,571

Another important feature is its thermal resistance (a material that offers resistance to the passage of heat), is a feature of the product and is "dependent" on their thickness. Show greater resistance to high thermal insulation. To meet the demands of the new Technical Building Code need values to be 0.50 m2.K / W to 3.20 m2.K / W. AGLOPUR ® in this case obtained average values of 0.9975 m2.K * / W.

                    * Values obtained in laboratory tests with the standard UNE-EN-ISO 12667, as file No. 09/32302106 issued by LGAI Technological Center, SA

According to the Basic Document for Energy Savings (DB-HE) of the Technical Building Code: the buildings have a number of characteristics such as to reduce the risk of surface humidity and interstitial condensation by. The document refers to all new buildings and modifications, alterations and renovations of existing buildings with a useful floor area over 1000 m2 which is renewed more than 25% of its shell. 
The condensation of water vapor depends on the amount of vapor in the air (vapor pressure) and temperature. 
The maximum concentration of water vapor in air (saturation vapor pressure) depend on temperature. The cold air allows a smaller amount of water vapor to heated air. 
The phenomenon of condensation occurs when the vapor pressure of the air (amount of water vapor) is greater than the saturation pressure of the air at that temperature. 
So if we do not have good insulation as AGLOPUR ® "agglomerate of expanded eslastómero density ranging from 60 to 500 kg/m3" exercising vapor barrier* in wet and cold environments, have a risk of condensation in the cold surfaces of the different layers of the enclosure. Applying a AGLOPUR ® 400Kgs/m3 isolation as having a thickness of 40mm, thanks to the excellent vapor barrier elastomer that serves as 48,000 MN.s / gm, avoiding the formation of mold surface and the possible water condensation on the inside the enclosure does not impair the thermal properties of it. 
• Membrane thickness thinner used to reduce the amount of steam or moisture that passes from one environment to another may occur where water condensation. Defined in practice, often as vapor barriers, those materials whose resistance to vapor is greater than 10 MNs / g.

With the Constructive Resolution AGLOPUR ® to meet all climatic zones of the requirement of Technical Building Code transmittance wall facade. 
       * The results RELATIONSHIP OF STEAM-WATER 1916/09/2552 number in the report according to the UNE-EN-ISO 1663, issued by LGAI Technological Center, SA 
As Trasdós Acoustic, provides a large ratio of isolation due to physical effect of MASS-SPRING-MASS, experienced very effective in controlling noise. One of the masses is formed by the Parliament for the (roof, walls, floors) of the Local Pier Agglomerated we made with polyurethane AGLOPUR ®. Mass and the other would be formed by the Board / Plaster or constructive element is chosen as the final closing. We obtain, thus, a Trasdós Floating desolidarizado of architectural structure, which uses channel noise transmission to adjacent premises.

The Agglomerate AGLOPUR ® polyurethane over plasterboard, insulation means to get 60 dB. With minimum loss of the local area and with limited added weight. A very important feature is that it starts to be effective in low frequency (125 Hz), while other materials are starting to control from 500 Hz 
Sound attenuation is achieved by elastic damping is why the level of noise depends on the density and thickness of the film, so it is less dense and thicker, more insulating power. 
The TENSILE STRENGTH is 2,500 kg/m2 which allows the anchorage of all types of decor and furnishings. The limitation of the weight of their burdens and taken down or dynamic, is approximately 25 kg per taco. Higher weights is essential to spread the load using mechanical or elastic (Silentblocks) anchored to forjado.

CRUSHING present a MINIMUM APPLIED LOAD, while maintaining its elastic recovery. Thus, for an average density and with a load of 500 kg/m2, the crush is around 13%, a lower value, the better the product "(according to the rates achieved by permanent deformation with compression ratio to UNE-EN ISO 1856). Therefore, it behaves as a highly effective material based banks.

Easily get through its flexibility, through our adhesives NOT FLAMMABLE Aglopur C-54 based contact adhesive MS very easy and quick application and Aglopur S-41, contact adhesive with water-based, both with a very low VOC * "Volatility of organic components" EMICODE Rating: EC1, Without Solvents or isocyonates improving the environment of the installation, allowing placement in poorly ventilated or open to the public.

AGLOPUR ® has earned a ranking corresponding to fire a SELF B s1 d0 Euroclass the criteria for classification according to UNE-EN-ISO 13501-1:2007 for a constructive solution. (in accordance with the test (1 and 2) appear in the dossier issued by LGAI 09/32302214 Technological Center, SA 

Such tests are accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation) according to scope of accreditation No 9/LE897 

    1.UNE-EN-ISO  13823:2002. - Attack heat caused by burning a single object. 
   2.UNE-EN-ISO 11925-2:2002 .- Ignitability of building products when subjected to direct flame. Part 2: Test on a single source of flame.

The Assembly is able to resist fire for 70 minutes. Agglomerated naked in the rate of combustion according to DIN EN 75200-80 Standard TL1010, is less than 100 mm / m, obtaining a burn rate "BR" for AGLOPUR ® 80: 68.27 mm / min, and AGLOPUR ® 150: 23.45 mm / minute. Excellent value, thanks to the flame retardant is applied in the manufacturing process according to DIN 75200-80. 


Due to their excellent properties such as thermal and acoustic absorbent becomes the perfect material for packaging of all those kinds of spaces and places where the treatment of acoustic noise and its packaging are paramount (theaters, concert halls, clubs, local business, bars, hospitals, noisy factories, etc) 
• - Meets spot soundproofing of rules or laws in residential or tertiary, with an isolation DnTA> 50, and preserving privacy between neighbors. 
• - Provide insulation at low frequencies in the insulation of commercial premises. 
• -To get high yields thin acoustic leaving the room or house more usable area. 
• -The high flexibility of the material allows us to continue the isolation encounters difficult corners, pillars, etc. getting the same way, the desired acoustic performance.

AGLOPUR ® is marketed in the form of block sizes properly squared 2000mm x 1000mm or 2000mm x 1000mm plates of different thicknesses. 
All our products are supplied on pallets and shrink due to film thickness to ensure full protection of the product to its final destination. 





The technical properties of AGLOPUR ® tests performed as well as fire and noise, have been officially certified by Applus in order to offer our customers a full guarantee of the technical properties of the product as an approved certification of the sound reduction index obtained in our constructive solutions against air and noise impact.




                                                        All tests, certifications and constructive AGLOPUR ® are owned by Derivados del Poliuretano S.A